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Are you planning on planting? It does not matter if you are just starting to design your landscape or renovate its look, we’ll always do an excellent job. We can plant everything from flowers, bushes, and trees. We’ll also make sure that the new plants help to improve the overall appearance of your yard. Give us a call today, and we’ll add greed beauty to your lawn.

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Yard Maintenance

Your beloved yard needs more than just some care. It really needs the aid of professionals like us for it to be at its best. We provide the best yard services in the city of San Antonio. Our lawn services include but are not limited to lawn mowing, fertilization, mulching, aeration, and more. Give us a call today, and we promise your lawn will stand out in beauty and health, becoming the envy of the whole neighborhood.

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Flower Bed

Flowers. Aren’t they so beautiful? Our job at Solanos Landscape is to make your lawn even more beautiful. The flower beds we plant will delight you. We provide many options in species and even planting designs. Beside, we’ll make sure they grow healthy and gorgeous. Give us a call now, and let your flowers steal the spot light in your neighborhood.

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Mulching Services

Sometimes your plants may need some extra help to growth healthy. Our group of landscapers will make sure your shrubs, flower beds, and trees receive the right nutrients and keep a healthy level of humidity. Besides that, the proper mulching technique will help a lot in the weed control in the mulched areas, too. We know you want the best for you plants, so the next step to take is to give us a call today.

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Leaf Cleanup

Keep your yard looking clean and fresh by removing those unsightly fallen leaves. If you allow leaves to accumulate in your yard, the grass might not get proper sunlight thus, reducing water evaporation that can lead to mold and other diseases. Do not allow fallen leaves to build up in your yard for too long; call our experts at Solanos Landscape!

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